Tấm Cách Nhiệt 6M Cold Storage

Cold Room

Tam Cach Nhiet Co., Ltd. specializes in providing design and construction package for cold storage, industrial refrigeration, freezing tunnels, cold storages.

In addition, our company also leased cold storage with the following dimensions:

  • PU cold storage panel thickness 120mm, 10m x 5.92mx 3m (Gross size)
  • Cold storage Panel EPS 175mm thick, size 6m x 5.9mx 3m (Gross size)

With over 20 years of operation, Tam Cach Nhiet 6M company production and the construction of thousands of large and small across the country, from north to south. With the prestige and quality criteria on top, product Panel 6M always brings the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Tam Cach Nhiet 6M company is one of the Vietnamese leading companies specializing in the field of manufacturing and assembly cold storage

Storage temperature: -5 ° C ÷ 12 ° C Using preserved seeds, fruits, tubers, cold, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, bakery, dairy

Cold storages temperature: -18 ° C ÷ -25 ° C Do not store food, meat, fish, seafood, ice cream

Frozen storage temperature: -30 ° C ÷ -45 ° C

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