Tấm Cách Nhiệt 6M Private House


Today, the trend is to build environmentally friendly homes and use ultra-low power very interested in the whole world. Panel wall panels insulated and indent wall panels covered synthetic glue ® of 6M Panel Company is the material meets the requirements of "Green Technology"

Advantages of the product

  • Sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, good leak to minimize the power consumption

  •   6M panels are lightweight and easy to transport, construction and assembly, especially suitable for the considered storey building on the main land, the narrow construction area

  • With the advantage of lightweight materials with high bearing strength, the panel helps to reduce a lot of damage and in the event of earthquakes, floods

  • Because not reinforced on the foundation structure and the structural steel frame momentum, so this product can minimize the time and cost to build

  • Construction is quick, clean and easy assembly when you need to move (Mobile Home)
  • Panel roof panels - ceilings - walls, which are linked into the plane to make sure and sustainable

  • Re-use of waste production of other sectors into low-cost building materials and contribute to reducing the pollution, environmental destruction

With many advantages and superior features, Panel Products 6M meet all requirements of the client: fast, compact, lightweight, safe, low-cost

Residential products

1.  Prefabricated house:

Insulation 6M Panel is a lightweight material, convenient to use in the construction of the wall, roof

  • Good insulation, various designs, simple installation

  • Good force capability, light weight

  • Easy transport and construction

2.  Considered floor:

  • Insulation, anti-leaking rooftop

  • Panel insulation panels and indent glue is lightweight so easy to build and assemble on high

  • The wall insulation 6M roofs, ceilings, partitions linked into the plane to make sure and sustainable

3.  Home renovation:

  • Insulation Panel 6M easily coordinate with other traditional materials to renovate the old house such as: walls, ceilings, roofs for manufactured homes; make partitions for building

4. Featured:

  • Used for the Mekong Delta region, the aquaculture industry


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